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Nya Nya Cake!!!!
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Ok so-My nickname is Noodles~! :heart: And... Noodles loves to says- NYA~! Which is meow in Jappenes nya~! ^0^ She is incerduiously hyper and loves to be her random self nya~!


Current Residence: Wonderland with Pandora Hearts, Invader Zim, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn Charas!
Favourite genre of music: All!!!
Favourite style of art: So love them all!!!!!!!!!!!
Favourite cartoon character: TO MANY I LOVE!!!!!!!!
Personal Quote: "I shall hide them from da world..."

Hello everyone!!

I hope all are well!

So I've got a bunch of new projects I am going to be working on, along with posting more work that I did just recently. I also have commissions  for :iconhotxhotguy: and also for :iconask-the-admiral: I am so super flattered that you guys wanted something. And if anyone else wanted something or asked me please let me know. I was actually going through some kind of weird amnesia thing, I kid you not, I couldn't remember a things very well. It's a long story, and I don't want to bug everyone with how bad it was, so I just want to say I'm sorry if I promised anyone anything and have not done it yet. Please just let me know if you want something, I'm more than happy to do it!! <3 :iconhyperplz:

Projects that I'm working on recently include :

1. YU-GI-OH! Zexal Barians pics! Because I love them! And really want to draw each of them supper dupper badly.
2. More Stories, like finishing up my KHR and Bakugan stories!
3. Making a totally new fanfiction and it being Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas! No idea who I want the OC with yet... Really having a hard time deciding!!
4. Two of my friends Christmas / Birthday gifts!
5. More Saint Seiya!!! <33333

So again I'm very sorry, I know I've also not been on as much. But that is changing big time. <33

I also want to just say thank you to everyone. I've known a lot of you seen I joined DA and I really want to say how much everyone means to me. I wanted to write something kinda personal, and it will be up soon. But I wanted to just say, that if anyone is ever upset or feeling down about themselves, just remember that everything is going to be okay in the end.That no mater what you never give up. The reason I say this is because I recently had a death in my family. I don't want to be angry, and I don't want to be sad, as I know that person would not want that. He was really important to me, and it shook me and my entire family and our communities big time. So I know I'm still in shock from it, and it feels really weird. But I just wanted to also add this to my post, as I really think, if anyone is ever upset, or in any kind of pain, please don't give up, please reach out to others. No life is the same, for each one is just amazing and beautiful and means the world to everyone. As humans, and as living creatures, we all need to work together, and just live our lives to the fullest. And never give up.

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I hope that you have all been well Nya~! <3



(If any one wants to be apart of my DA family please just let me know nya~! Any thingsz joos wanna bes nya~! X333DDD)
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Pope Sage sat in the Pope’s chamber, his head down in deep though.

Soon the door to the Pope’s chamber opened.

A young woman stood at the door way, a young woman with blonde hair that resembled the Pope’s silver hair along with the marks of Jamir above her eyes.

The young women was dressed in her traditional Jamir clothing, which looked very similar to Hakurei’s clothes.

The young woman stood in the doorway, she looked away.

There was a moment of silence before the Pope broke through the warm summer air.

“I see you have made up your mind…” Pope Sage and the young girl shared a moment of pause.

A stubborn but sad look on the young woman’s face.

“I have….” The girl finally spoke.

The Pope bowed his head to observe her.

This beautiful woman from Jamir was quite young, she was inexperienced with life, and new nothing of the rest of the world.

For everything she new was in The Sanctuary and in Jamir…. Her two homes…

The girl looked up at the Pope. Her eye’s holding a particular sadness in them….

“Do you still not approve of me marrying him….?” The girl asked.

The Pope was quite for sometime. “That man is an outsider… He dose not understand our ways….”

The girl looked away. “I know that…. But… He dose try…”

The Pope stared at her before standing up and making his way down to the girl.

“You will find happiness hear…. Your home is in The Sanctuary…” The Pope placed his hand on the girls shoulder.

The girl looked up. “Yes Pope….. Please excuse me…” She turned and left.

If the Pope had not removed his hand when he did, the girl would have surly knocked it away.

The Pope watched after her for a bit, until he saw her leave his chambers.

Making his way back to his throne….

…. Meanwhile outside the girl stood at the Pope’s door, her back leaning up against it. Her eyes held more sadness after leaving the chamber.


That night while all of the Saint’s slept the young girl from Jamir stood over The Sanctuary. A young man standing behind her.

His eyes held great sadness as he watched her.

Her mouth opened to say one last word while she stared, “Good bye Pope Sage…. My father….”

With that she pulled the hood to her cloak up and turned to the man standing behind her.

Both walking away into the dark forest….



The Pope sat in his chamber, looking down at the room below him.

A knock was heard at his door causing him to look up.

The Sagittarius Saint walked into the room. Dropping to bow before the Pope of Sanctuary.

“You have returned….. Was your mission a success…”

“Yes…. Pope….” Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus could feel his eyes burning with sadness. He could not meet the Pope’s figure before him.

Pope Sage sensing this spoke, “There is something that troubles you…?”

Sagittarius Sisyphus cleaned his hand that was on the ground, his hand shaking.

“Pope…. I have some sad news…. On my mission to defeat the Specters in England…. I found the grave of…. Tsubaki….”

The Pope felt as though his body was made of air. It felt weightless. And his heart felt as if it was made of stone, sinking into the sand.

He quickly regained his composure from the shock. “You have prof that it is Tsubaki’s grave….”

“Yes Pope…. I am sure of it….” Sisyphus could not meet the Pope’s eyes, but then, he spoke, “I also bear more news….”

“More news….? Is it about the Specters?”

“No my Pope…. It converser Tsubaki….”

The Pope seemed surprised. What more did Sagittarius Sisyphus have to say about Tsubaki…?

“It seems… That Tsubaki married and had one child……”

The Pope was in shock, “Are you sure?”

“Yes Pope… It seems she lives with her father in England… I was not able to approach them, it seems that the husband left, and Tsubaki’s daughter was home alone…” His eyes closed, “and it seems… That the young girl has a strong cosmos…. The reason for the Specters being in that town was due to her….”

The Pope’s eyes narrowed in though. “It seems we have no choice… Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus, your mission is to bring Tsubaki’s daughter to Sanctuary.”

“Yes my Pope…” With that Gold Saint Sagittarius Sisyphus stood up and left, to retrieve Tsubaki’s daughter and the Pope’s granddaughter.

The Pope sat in his Chamber alone, sadness in his eyes.

“You loved him that much….”
Hello everyone!
I started a new fanfiction for the series Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas!

This is the intro chapter, so my main OC is not in this one, but her mother and her name is.

I am going to make this into a love story-BUUUUTT I HAVE NO IDEA WHO TO PUT HER WITH DX

I have narrowed it to Griffon Minos, Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Pisces Albafica, Scorpio Kardia or even Virgo Asmita!

But I do have a few ideas!

I hope that you all enjoy! Please comment and tell me what you think! I'd really love to know! I'm currently working on the next chapter!

Hope you all enjoy! <3

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You blushed nervously as she looked into the her bedroom mirror.

Pulling a strand of her hair away she took closer inspection of her face. Her mint green eyes flashed with a look of worry and nervousness. She bit down on her lip. 'Today… I am going to tell him…' Yui thought with a look of determination.

Clenching her first she turned on her heel and grabbed her school bag. 'I will defiantly do it today!'

Sawada Tsunayoshi yawned as he walked to school.

This was one of the first days he had not been late.

As Tsuna walked by a trash can the can started to rumble. Tsuna jumped, "Hiii!" he squeezed.

A moment later the garbage can opened up into multiple levels, with a baby inside….

"Ciaossu…" Reborn popped out of no where/ Standing behind Tsuna.

"Reborn!" Tsuna yelled pointing his finger.

"Ciaossu…" Reborn simply said again making a peace sing.

"Don't give me that!" The boy yelled, "What are you up to…?"

"…I don't know what your talking about…" A devilish smile appeared on his face as he turned away.

"Don't you tell me that! Why is that baby tied up!?"

Reborn looked at Tsuna with an unquestionable look. He only smiled. "I don't know what you mean…"

"Don't give me that!" Tsuna was about to yell more when Reborn cut the young man off by using his face as a jumping board. Reborn landed behind Tsuna infant of the trash can with Skull inside.

Skull was tied with rope, and gagged. The baby squiggled around.

"I could tell you… but that would defeat the purpose…"

"What purpose!?"

Reborn only smiled and pointed, "Look…. Yui Tsunako is coming up fast…."

"Your point?!" Tsuna turned to yell, but then stopped when he fully processed the name.

With a jump, Tsuna panicked. Tuna put his hands on his head. " Oh no! If she see's Skull tied up she's going to think I did it!"

Tuna had been caught in several awkward situations that week which left Yui running off screaming. It was either out of fear of the situation or from the fact that she thought Tsuna was a pervert.

Tsuna panicked at what to do.

Reborn out his hand up in the air and started to wave. " Looks like your right on time…."

Tsuna looked back at the baby. "On time?!" He yelled in disbelieve, "Time for what?!"

"Bye-bye…" Reborn and Skull suddenly were engulfed by a secret underground elevator that brought them beneath the earth. Skull squirmed even more on the way down.

The patch of side walk was soon covered and Tsuna was left standing there.

But with no time to act, Yui stopped before Tsuna.

"T-Tsuna-San!" The girl almost collapsed, only to catch her self on her knees. Tuna jumped. "Yu-Yui….-San…." The girl panted., she took in some deep breaths before jumping up.

Tsuna couldn't even finish asking if she was alright.

With a determined look in her eyes the girl stared the boy down. "Tsuna-San!"

'I-is she that angry with me…' Tsuna's face started to twitch. Tuna, with his hands pushed out started to speak nervously. "Ummm… Yui-San…. W-What can I do for-"

"Please let me come over today?!" She bowed down.

Tsuna froze.

He stared for a while, "EEEEEHHHHHH?!"

But before he could speak the girl bounced into his face.

"His!" Tsuna squeaked jumping back, his hands held in front of him in a defensive manner, as if to push her back, or to say she was to close.

"I want…" Yui's eyes were determined… "I want…." Her face slowly, as if in slow motion started to soften, then turned into a teary eyes cry, "I WANT TO TAKE OUR RELATIONSHIP FURTHER!"

Tsuna's mouth dropped.

The people around them stopped to stare.

Tsuna could hear the crowed of people start to gossip.

Luckily none of there classmates where around.

"Y-y-y-y-ou can't!"

Tsuna stopped as the girl before him looked as if she was fighting back two powerful waterfalls in her eyes.

You couldn't even look at him.

Tsuna being worried about what others thought, and Yui, grabbed the girl by the hand and ran off.

"Ahh! Yui-San! You can't just scream that in public!"

The two were infant of the Sawada residence.

Tsuna tried to scold the girl, "You shouldn't do that! People will get the wrong idea!"

Yui's head was positioned downward. "T-Tsuna…-San…. do you…. not like me…?"

Tuna looked on with a serious look. "No I don't…." You almost cringed, "Because I like you…. Y-You know! We're close friends…" Tsuna struggled for words.

"O-Oh…" Yui held back tears, her bangs covering her face. "I see… So there is nothing between us…. more than that?"

You was so upset that Tsuna took the girl into his house. You had balled her eyes out, and soon after the young girl found herself inside the Sawada house hold cleaning herself in the bathroom.

Tsuna sat on his bed, his hands on his knees. Thinking about what he should do. 'I like Yui-San… I really do… She's really sweet… But lately she's been acting…. '

Tsuna's bed room door opened. Tsuna looked up. You was still very sad. Tsuna stood up abruptly. Yui did not move.

"A-ah…" Tsuna's hand was out stretched. As if looking for the right words to say.

You started to turn away from him.

'No don't leave!' Tsuna ran after her, "W-Wait! Yu-Yui-SAaaAAAN!"

Tsuna tried over a banana peal that Reborn had left out that morning.

Tsuna felt him self moving in slow motion, along with Yui who could bitterly feel and see Tsuna going in slow motion as he collided into her, landing on top of her.

The two groaned.

You let out a high pitch squeak as Tsuna almost screamed to loud for words.

His hands somehow managed to slip the girls top up reveling her chest.

Tsuna so stunned stood there in shook trying to figure out what to do, what to say. Tsuna panicked.

You stared in shock, until the girl's shocked face turned into a smile. The girl looked down, making up her mind. "This is fine…"

"W-What do you mean!? Yai-San I just-"

You put a finger to his lips, "I really like you… Tsuna…. -San…. I really do…. I don't want to be just your friend… I want to be… Your friend and more…"

Tsuna listened in shock before turning serious himself. "Yai-Chan…"

"Humm.. Thats the first time you ever called be by that… It's nice…" Yui closed her eyes, her body feeling light, and her heart fluttering.

"Oh-no! I-"

"I like it…" Yui grabbed Tsuna's hands. She placed them on her collarbone. "Say it again… Tsuna-Kun…."

Tsuna felt his cheeks light up.


Tsuna looked at Yui. "I-Is this what you want…? I mean! To call you by that name…? I mean…"

Tsuna looked away trailing off, suddenly Yui had jumped him, a kiss landing on Tsuna's mouth.

Tsuna's eyes grew wide. You kissed harder, and harder, wanting Tsuna to return her affection.

Tsuna was frozen for a moment and Yui could feel her eyes starting to water out of fear of her love being miss guided.

Suddenly, Tsuna kissed back.

Yai's eyes went wide, her eyes shaking with happiness. She closed her eyes and felt the kiss.

Tsuna and Yui both pulled away, gasping for air. You and Tsuna looked up at one an other.

Both with a smile on there face.

"I'm so glad…" Yui started. "You returned my kiss…"

"Ummm…" Tsuna looked away.

You was sparkling. A faint blush on her face, Tsuna couldn't help but look up. But when caught he looked down, earning a giggle from the girl and him to feel embressed.

"I'm the guy its suppose to be the other way around Yui-Chan…."

A dark look of seduction crossed her face. You started messing with her clothes. "Then you do it…"

Tsuna's mouth dropped. "W-"

"Take me…"

Tsuna gave Yui the prize of almost blowing off her ears.

You tho, trying to not be effected by Tsuna's cries started, "You should… Were alone! No ones around and… We both like each other. So… Whats the problem!?"

Tsuna fought back and forth with the girl for what seemed like eternity till. It was decided.

Yui and Tsuna walked over to the bed. You smiled at Tsuna.

Gulping, Tsuna gulped away his fears and got onto of Yui.

He bent down kissing her. Tsuna ran his hands up and down the girl below him. Yui holding on to Tsuna with a light grasp.

'She's so cute…' Tsuna thought. Tsuna opened his eyes, he started trailing kisses down the girls neck to the bone above her chest.

Tsuna lightly sucked on it. You moaned, giving Tsuna the reassurance that she was enjoying his touch, and that he should continue.

Tsuna's hands slipped Yui's shirt up, slowly feeling his way around her stomach. His hands sliding up and down.

You moaned from his warm touch.

Soon Yui's moans turned into a gasp. Tsuna slowly hesitated but almost roughly grabbed Yui's boobs. Taking one in each hand.

'I was so nervous I grabbed her… I hope she's okay…' Tsuna slowly peeked at her.

The girl was in bliss. Her face staring at him, as if asking why he stopped and if he was okay.

Tsuna stared and for a moment Yui was going to tell him to stop. But knowing that was not what the girl before him wanted, he continued.

Tsuna started squishing the to orbs in his hands. He worked her like he had clay in his hands. Moving up and down, and to the hands in perfect rhythm with the other.

But soon Tsuna found his hands going inside the girls cupped the bar skin and started to move as he did before.

She moaned, and gasp as after a moment of skin touching, Tsuna moved to a new target. The cherries in the centers of her orbs.

Tsuna played and stroked the tips and around the sensitive area. His hands moving slowly and gently. As if petting the hard flesh.

Tsuna started to change direction of one hand, taking one finger and rolling the nipple. This earned him a loud moan, Yui almost screamed.

Tsuna felt him self getting even more excited, Yui's face was flushing and soon Tsuna started to grow in places of his own.

Tsuna slowly moved his hands away from Yui's chest. The girl almost crying, she wanted more, she started to kick her legs.

Tsuna's hands fond there was to her skirt however which stopped the crying protest that the girl had started demanding from his lack of touch.

Tsuna with a look that said he made up his mind pulled up the girls skirt, he was about to move more, when Yui glared.


"Take it off…"

Tsuna blushed heavily." But he did what she wanted and undid the button and zipper with shaky hands.

It took him awhile, he was nervous.

Tsuna slid the skirt down and stared.

Yui who was so demanding just a mere moment ago soon got very bashful.

Trying to cover her panties she moved her legs up.

Tsuna on impose gulped and soon leaned forward. Tuna put his head close to the earth of her body, right under her knees.

Tsuna got so close but pulled away and inch, then started to lick the center.

You gasped, her legs kicking him, but Tsuna recovered.

Garbing her legs he got back down and licked. It was soft, gentle. As if he was worried she would get hurt. Tsuna lapped at the girl. His tong making wet marks along the line he licked.

Tsuna kissed the center which earned his a great big cry.

Covering her arms with her face, the girl couldn't look. She was in to much bliss.

So happy was the boy that he confidently pulled the girls legs apart, earning a gasp and Yui's eye on him.

Tsuna pulled down the girls white clothing reveling what she held.

You blushed. Tsuna's face studied her for a moment before pulling his pants down. Half way down tho he though of something…

"Th-This might hurt…." Tsuna sat back up abandoning pulling down his pants and started to play with the girls lips.

You started to panic, but she didn't' want to stop. Knowing this Tsuna got on her legs and slid his fingers around the top part of her woman hood.

You cried. Tsuna looked at her face, then back at the warmth his hand had touched.

Tsuna's fingers pressed and released a few times at the sensitive nob at the top of her woman hood. Then sliding them down he put a finger into something soft and warm.

The girl cried. Tsuna stayed in place for a moment. Waiting until the girl stopped crying and relaxed, he pushed in and out.

In and out, in and out.

That was his rhythm. He would move up and down as he went and slowly added a second finger and then a third soon after that.

You was tight. Her walls were starting to close and he could feel her shaking.

Tsuna abruptly pulled out earring a cry, but muffled it with a kiss.

Tsuna sat up and slid his pants off.

Looking down he started to talk to Yui, no meeting her gaze. "I love you…. Yui-Chan…."

Yui's mouth opened in shock, and she smiled. "I love you to… Tsuna-Kun…"

The two shared a moment, there eyes looked on each other, and there smiles bright and brilliant.

Tsuna adjusted him self and slowly parked at her entrance.

There hands entertained, Tsuna pushed in. Words of care and comfort not leaving the girls ears.

What started out slow soon started to have more speed. Yet the power behind his love was mental and pure.

The two wrapped there arms around the other.

Tsuna went in and out, and soon felt his body was ready.

You gripped him tighter. She was ready.

The two started to push together, Yui giving up half way as she lost her self. Tsuna got faster and faster. You and Tsuna started to feel there breath quicken and there moans getting louder. Tsuna tried to contain his the best he could while Yui couldn't stop crying in bliss.

Then both felt the heat in there stomachs starting to boil over.

Tsuna wrapped his arms around Yui, There mouths clashing as they both enjoyed Tsuna's thrusts until the release came.

Both froze and shook. There bodies in shock at what happened.

Tsuna pulled away, Then rolled over next to Yui.

They didn't talk for awhile. Trying to catch there breath.

'I hope that… Yui-Chan… doesn't hate me now…' Tsuna thought woefully.

As if sensing his fear Yui rolled over and lay her head on top of his chest.

"I love you…." You closed her eyes as if falling asleep.

Tsuna smiled and put his arm on top of her head. "I love you too…."
Tsuna X Yui
Here is a story that hotxhotguy requested. It was on Fanfiction but was threatened to be taken down. DX

AnaLucia5thEspada GIFT by NoodlesTheName
AnaLucia5thEspada GIFT
Here it is! I hope you like it! I could not get that stupid shadow out, so I will rettake a picture when theres more light out. I hope you like it  AnaLucia5thEspada 

This is Levi with
AnaLucia5thEspada's OC Cyril!


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